Lama Concept’s Cell + LED Carpet Collection

Though I’ve got a bit of the post-holiday blahs this a.m., I’m trying to be on my best behavior. This is no mean feat given that my mom and her dogs are still visiting, one of whom (the smallest, of course) has a Napoleon complex and two of whom have a pronounced propensity for leg lifting. Thankfully, they’ve missed our carpet thus far, and they’d better continue to do so, because our Pier One textiles don’t have the savior faire of Lama Concept’s Cell + LED carpet collection. Designers Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel created this series of wool felt textiles with a twist: each contains a bank of cleverly integrated LEDs.

Cell + LED. Designed by Yvonne Laurysen.

Eco-conscious Rugs Primed for Long Life

Laurysen and Mantel are Dutch, which should have forecast the second of the Cell + LED innovations: apropos of the carpet-soiling theme, Cell + LED’s 100% wool felt strips can be strategically excised. This means that, should the inevitable spillage or liquid ruination occur, the offended segment of rug can simply be replaced, giving the whole an aura of the brand new. Further, wool textiles are less prone to fading and color alteration than other textiles, so the new strips will achieve a seamless blend with the original carpet.

Lama Concept's Cell + LED Carpet Collection
Lama Concept's Cell + LED Carpet Collection
Lama Concept's Cell + LED Carpet Collection

Lama Concept's Cell + LED Carpet Collection
contemporary carpet design, LED carpet, LAMA Concept-1
contemporary carpet design, LED carpet, LAMA Concept

The aesthetic of Cell + LED is an intriguing blend of modern and classic psychedelia. The lengthwise orientation of the wool strips facilitates linear designs, which Lama Concept uses to excellent effect in a varied color palette of blacks, whites, grays, blues, and purples, each of which features the intriguing almond-shaped eyes of the embedded LEDs—a clever interruption of the linear theme that also gives walkers in darkened rooms a new mode of nocturnal illumination.

Via Materialicious.

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