Kids Love Chalkboard Cabinetry: The Black Matte Magnetic Board by Homapal

Just a few years ago (three at most) my uncles’ cool San Francisco kitchen was redone by an HGTV designer. Since my cousin Robert was but a little dude at the time, they included the chalkboard-like black matte finished magnetic board as the surface material for their kitchen cabinets. Since then, I think it was one of the coolest ideas ever – especially if you enjoy spending time making meals or baking for entire Saturday afternoons. With the Magnetic Board in Black Matte by Homapal, your kids are kept gleefully occupied as they create their very own kitchen masterpieces.

Black Matte Magnetic HPL Board. Designed by Homapal.

Magnetic Chalkboards as Cabinets and Wall Surfaces Inspire Daily Creativity from Kids and Parents Alike

Designed for vertical use in interior decorating, this High Pressure Laminate (HPL) by Homapal is quite obviously not exactly a groundbreaking discovery. In fact, Black Matte Magnetic HPL Board is fancy way for saying chalkboard, as you may have noticed, and in the interior design of your home it is still catching on. With a matte melamine surface that is suitable for chalk drawings, writing and magnets, the multi-purpose usage of this HPL board oozes with endless creative possibilities that can be wiped off with a dry cloth or non-abrasive detergents – without acetone or alkaline. A word to the wise about its cleaning: You probably never remember teachers using soap and water on the board. A sponge with water works best since soap suds make it difficult to get the thin, fatty film dry again. If a thorough clean is necessary every so often, read the Homapal website’s special instructions before getting start.

Kids Love Chalkboard Cabinetry: The Black Matte Magnetic Board by Homapal
Kids Love Chalkboard Cabinetry: The Black Matte Magnetic Board by Homapal

Available in a thickness of 1.0 mm and in two different sizes – 2440 x 1220 mm (96″ x 48″) or 3050 x 1220 mm (120″ x 48″) – the Magnetic Board in Black Matte can be applied to virtually any surface. Although it is not an issue for most locations, the best results are gained when it is processed and applied in a setting cooler than 104°F/ 40°C. After installation, keep the room well air-conditioned to avoid surface desiccation through too dry, ambient air may lead to cracking.

Given my uncles’ blackboard that begs for some colorful chalking, each time I visit their Mission house, I leave a long, message describing the fun I had with my cousin, Robert. It may wash off with the sweep of a cloth, but the effect of handwritten messages creates a lasting effect.

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