Mimondo’s Wave Bed for Kids

Childrens’ rooms are often designed with fantasy in mind – but most often in a kitschy manner: too much Tinkerbell and too little design. Furniture serves merely as a backdrop for Disney comforters, garland and massive murals. But Danish furniture manufacturer Mimondo is “challenging” the common norms for kids furniture to create functional furniture in stylish designs for an environment of inspiration and fantasy, stimulating curiosity and creativity. The founders, Klaus Bjerre Jensen & Karsten Spaabaek, are bringing together high-quality Danish design to kids rooms,

Wave Bed. Designed by Mimondo.

Wave, as you may have guessed, was designed with inspiration from the waves of the ocean, with an inspired aesthetic outside of the Disney mold. The bed is built in veneered bentwood, hardwoods and with steps of ash, using only the highest quality of raw materials. Its shape questions the standard norm, or the common perception of how a children’s bed can be shaped and look. Available in two versions: Wave 1 and Wave 2, it fulfills standard needs without standard form. Wave 2 is the “bunk bed” version while Wave 1 features a single bed with play space beneath. With both designs, the beds are raised via sweeping bentwood ‘arms’ for a floating aesthetic.

“It is important that the kids takes initiative and uses their fantasy exploring the world,” the company explains. Hence the out-of-the-box inspirational environment they strive to create. As a child, bedtime would likely be much more fun with Wave.






Mimondo aspires to become a part of the international market for kids furniture by focusing on new and innovative thoughts concerning design, production and use of materials. Some other furniture for kids, check out some of our favorites including NYC based OEUF and Cherner‘s new children’s collection (table and chairs).

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