Illuminate Your Office with the Textured Luminare Drawer Unit by Fiam Italia

We hide drawer units under our fancy office desks and inside closets because they’re never quite worthy of a stand alone position. Not that they are anything to be ashamed of, but they’re just meant to be basic. Like a no-frills approach to maximal organization whose sheer purpose is not to distract away from a desk we spent months deciding upon. Until viewing the Luminare Drawer Unit by Roberto Paoli for Fiam Italia – in the two different, black or white versions – I would have completely agreed with all of the above.

Luminare. Designed by Roberto Paoli for Fiam Italia.

With Leather in the Office, the Luminare Drawer Unit by Roberto Paoli for Fiam Italia Stuns the Competition

Unlike the global market we’ve created that uses shiny, cold storage units – the design of the Luminare Drawer Unit gladly separates itself from the others. Without stealing the spotlight away from artwork or the beautiful desk and showcase that you may or may not have included in your office plan, its first version comes in either a white or black matt lacquered wood. The drawers of three or four come with 6 mm glass fronts that are then varnished to match the color chosen for the body of the unit. Without the use of stainless steel accents or knob-like drawer pulls, the finish of the minimalist, rectangular drawer unit is ideal for a modern office design.

The second version of the Luminare Drawer Unit really draws in the texture and thick, lustrous effect that offices often lack. Covered in white or black leather, the structure’s glass drawers really pop. Not usually seen on storage systems, the use of a natural material like leather avoids sterility with a hearty, tactile visual sensation. You can add castors to either one of the versions for added mobility and ease of use.

Instead of spending all of your time looking for the perfect desk, attempt the unthinkable by starting with the perfect storage unit, and add a simple desk to its side with the Luminare Drawer Unit by Fiam Italia.

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