Three Blocks by Kalon Studios

3Blocks is a set of fun nesting stools that play off the basic idea of the circle, the line, and the square. Each stool can serve a different sized member of the family, or can be placed to create a funky storage solution. The engraved version of the stool has a fern pattern that references the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Contemporary and Sustainable Nesting Stools

Kalon Studio is a California based design studio that focuses on contemporary forms and innovative design. Their products are all non-toxic, fully sustainable and locally produced in the United States. Each piece is made to order, limiting waste and overstock which plagues many furniture companies.

Kalon prides itself in creating a low level of fall-off, or small, unusable waste by carefully cutting pieces at 90% material efficiency. All unused material is retained for reuse, and smaller pieces and sawdust are recycled into MDF. The finishes are food-safe, and the paints and glues are water-based, making their furniture “people friendly.” The woods are all FSC certified and locally sourced when possible, including Black Walnut, Bamboo, Cork, Maple, Black Cherry and Black Locust.

Contemporary nesting stools, sustainable stools, Kalon Studios

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Contemporary, sustainable nesting stools, Kalon Studios

Eco-friendly design would be worthless if the finished piece was undesirable. Kalon Studio creates timeless furniture that is intended to morph with a person’s changing needs. 3Blocks transforms from seating to storage to a compact art piece that can be beautiful while being stashed in a corner. Their series of cribs are intended to grow with a child both aesthetically and functionally. Kalon’s pieces show off the natural beauty of the material while adding just the right amount of design flair to make the piece special.

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