New Herman Miller Power Strip Prototype

Amid all the hubbub last weekend over the newly intensive airport search procedures (should I go naked x-ray or TSA groping?), manufacturer Herman Miller exploited the relatively smoothly-functioning environs of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Cascade, MI (Michigan’s second busiest airport and Western Michigan’s “Gateway to the World”) to test drive a new seat-back power strip. In mind of all those passengers who know that TSA requires at least two hours to grope and/or take naked x-rays, an enhanced availability of electrical outlets is an excellent idea. For waiting travelers typically have enough time on their hands to easily exhaust the batteries of laptops and smart phones.

Power Strip Prototype. Designed by Herman Miller.

Integrated Seats Confer Easy Power Up

The new Herman Miller prototype is designed for easy integration by retrofitting existing seating. The strip occupies a horizontal band a mere inch or two wide right behind the seat—more or less at the same spot one finds a seat belt in a car. The possibility of retrofitting the ubiquitous Eames Tandem Sling Seating is actually huge news in the world of airport infrastructure. Anyone who’s gone through Chicago’s O’Hare is well familiar with these paired sets of aluminum framed seats with black leather upholstery. The Eames designed this style of airport seating in 1962 specifically for O’Hare, but they’re still in production today.

The idea of a power strip thus promotes a sustainable ethos as it brings the imperatives of the modern age to a reliable, extant product—always a better option than starting from scratch. Herman Miller’s decision to use Ford Airport as the testing ground for the new idea makes good sense, as the company is headquartered in nearby Zeeland. Not only that, but, given the large number of Michigan manufacturers represented every year at NeoCon, the region is sort of an American hotspot for contract wares. After HM polls users and gathers the data, I’m sure we’ll hear much more about the burgeoning future of powering-up while waiting-it-out.

For another example of integrated power stations at airports, check out Flyaway in Power.

Via WZZM News.

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