Top Ten: Illuminated Globes

The therapeutic effects of proper lighting are undisputed, and while not all of these globe lamps are certified for therapeutic uses, they certainly provide a sun-shaped breath of fresh air into any interior.

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1. Glo-balls
DESIGNER: Jasper Morrison
PRICE: $495

Like all of Morrison’s work, the Glo-ball lamp is classical and stunning in its simplicity. The lamp’s understated diffuser is made from acid-etched, hand blown, flashed opaline glass.

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2. 38
DESIGNER: Omer Arbel
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Arbel’s Vancouver-based company Bocci has made a name for itself with beautifully crafted glass lighting, most famously the perfectly spherical number 14. Design 38 is a new and delightful iteration of the glass globes that include planters, where plants interact with the tangle of cables to create organic and unpredictable lines out of perfectly circle glass globes.

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3. Coral Pendant
DESIGNER: David Trubridge
MANUFACTURER: David Trubridge Design
PRICE: $360
15.5″ diameter

Built out of a system of painted bamboo plywood that flat packs, this lamp is made in New Zealand and because of its easy travel and self-assembly, has become a popular design throughout the US.

Top Ten: Illuminated Globes

4. Magdalena pendant
DESIGNER: Bruno Rainaldi
PRICE: $2,340.00
19.7″D X 75″

The Magdalena pendant is one of a number of icons that are included in this list. There are simply some products that cannot be omitted when speaking of a particular product category. This one is available in tin plated or white finished metal.

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5. Gregg Table Lamp (Piccola)
DESIGNER: Roberto and Ludovica Palomba
PRICE: $312.00
5.2″ L X 4.3″ W X 4.3″ H

The Gregg lamp, introduced in 2007 redefines the shape of a globe lamp. No longer perfectly round, Gregg’s shape implies roundness in a beautiful, imperfect form. Available in 2 additional sizes: Grande and Media.

Eclisse Table Lamp, artemide, Lighting, Table lamp

6. Eclisse Table Lamp
DESIGNER: Vico Magistretti
PRICE: $240
7″H X 5″W

The Eclisse lamp is nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. The small table lamp evokes both the sun and the moon and incorporates a rotating shield in white lacquered steel for light control.

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7. Miconos Ceiling Light
DESIGNER: Ernesto Gismondi
PRICE: $700
11.75″W X 15.75″H

Miconos subtly strays from both your classic globe pendant and clear light fixture. With the simple tilt of a bulb, or skew of placement, a new aesthetic is achieved.

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8. Nelson Ball Pendant
DESIGNER: George Nelson
PRICE: $435
H 23″ Diameter 26.75″

The Nelson Ball Pendant transcends the lighting category as a design icon. It has inspired countless globe pendants after it, and an equal number of imitations, but after all these years, it remains the definitive globe pendant.

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9. Taraxacum 88
DESIGNER: Achille Castiglioni
PRICE: $5,495
31.5″ diameter

At once elegant and exciting, the Taraxacum 88 is in a league of its own. The design produces direct and reflected lighting, and is formed from 20 pressed, polished aluminum triangles holding 60 clear Globolux bulbs. A globe made of globes.

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10. Random light
DESIGNER: Bertjan Pot
PRICE: $666
20″ diameter

The process is as beautiful as the result when it comes to Random. The lamp is made from resin drained yarn that is randomly coiled around an inflatable mold, creating a delicate webbed shade.

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