Eduardo Arroyo’s Islero Bench for Escofet

Islero is a modular cast-stone bench designed by Eduardo Arroyo for Escofet. You might encounter its weighty perambulations while out perambulating among some of the other sublime man-made wonders in the beautiful city of Barcelona. In this respect, Islero is in good company. The city has a singular aesthetic defined by the eclectic gestures of landmarks like Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral, Sir Norman Foster’s Torre de Collserola, and Jean Nouvel’s Torre Agbar. Islero might be thought of as the yin to the collective yang of those works, as it brings the soaring propositions of such ambitious architecture back down to earth.

Islero Bench. Designed by Eduardo Arroyo for Escofet.

An Assortment of Options in Hardscape Seating

Islero has many qualities that distinguish it from de rigueur outdoor public seating. It is asynchronous yet functional: its stable base of support branches out in various unexpected ways in order to facilitate all the varieties of public lounging about. It is truly modular, meaning its individual 2500 kg sections can be joined (with the help of a crane, it would appear) to create impressively expansive arrangements. Its angular profile makes it more dynamic compared to other monolithic benches. And it includes an exclusive Escofet finish coating that reflects light in unusual and intriguing ways.

Eduardo Arroyo's Islero Bench for Escofet
Eduardo Arroyo's Islero Bench for Escofet
Eduardo Arroyo's Islero Bench for Escofet

One might not think so many options were possible with such a massive piece, but Escofet allows one more: the granite grey cast stone of Islero can vary at user’s request among different shades on the bountiful spectrum from light to dark. Furthermore, it can be located in almost any outdoor space given a reasonable expanse of reasonably flat terrain—its substantial weight allows it to be installed without anchorage. But that particular perk doesn’t mean it appears exceedingly heavy. Like the other glorious architectural achievements of this jewel city of Catalonia, Islero rises above the fray in an inimitable way. As manufacturer Escofet opines, “its geometry accentuates its lightness and makes its matter levitate, transmitting the sensation that it has mass but not gravity.”

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