Ditre Italia’s Pouff Letto

Heard of the mother-in-law suite? Now there are lots of options for your visiting matriarch-even if you're short on space. One of the possibilities is the Pouff Letto from DitreItalia, a company that wants you to "sit comfortably and get ready to navigate through a world of furnishing proposals and solutions designed to meet all your personal ideas of comfort." A meddling in-law can be lovingly accommodated thanks to the I Transformabili collection, which includes pullout sofas in many varieties.

Pouff Letto. Designed by Ditre Italia.

Ottoman Turns Into Single Sleeper Sofa

DitreItalia also offers the Pouff Letto, an elegant skirted ottoman that transforms into a single bed. If you aren't keen on having visitors, then you can always claim you have no place for guests; Pouff Letto can hide in plain sight-and your intrusive relative will never know. On the other hand, if you have an old friend in town, you can easily put them up for the night with this unique otto-bed, "and, in the morning, with few and easy movements, it becomes a wonderful pouff."
Ditre Italia's Pouff Letto

Constructed of polished steel and "varnished with high resistance powders," Pouff Letto includes a metal base that is orthopaedic and a spring mattress made of anti-allergic polyurethane. Its sturdy feet are steel coated with dust caps, so the versatile piece of furniture should last way longer than your guests' welcome. Personalize your spare-room-in-a-pouff by choosing a fabric you fancy: the completely removable cover comes in lots of fabric options. Which means you can put it anywhere: "thanks to its small dimensions and the simple line of its forms, it can be combined to every kind of sofa."

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