The Grass Ottoman by GH Design

As a ode to the first week of summer I’d like to take a look at a truly green piece of furniture. The Grass Ottoman is a living, growing seat which was originally designed to hang poolside in Menlo Park California. Nancy Favier, principal designer at GH Design is responsible for the contemporary creation, which can be used outdoors or in a living room. The technical details of the Grass Ottoman remain a mystery, and I wonder about the practicality of watering your footrest while it sits comfortably on your shag rug.

The Grass Ottoman. Designed by GH Design.

“The Grass Ottoman is constructed of a fade resistant plastic set on a lightweight form that is solid yet light weight.” Is there soil? Does it come pre-grown or is it a functional Chia Pet one must grow themselves? If we move the Grass Ottoman outside many of these issues are resolved but new ones arise. What happens if Fido uses the Grass Ottoman as a fire hydrant? Does Weed-be-Gone become the new fabric cleaner? The questions are numerous but I am still intrigued by the design.

Grass Ottoman

Bringing life into design is nothing new. Lifewall, recently covered here on 3rings, is a building panel that incorporates plant life into the exterior of a building. There’s also the Japanese company Mindscape, which creates outdoor furniture in a grass fashion similar to the Grass Ottoman. The Grass Ottoman has a plushy look which is more refined than the sprouty punk look of Mindscape’s designs.

As a New Yorker I love the idea of a little grass to sit on where I won’t be chased away by the dog police. As a patio piece, the Grass Ottoman would be a great addition, although I wonder if the user follow standard grass practice and cover it with a towel?

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