Bulthaup’s Wily Wing-Slat Air Extractor

Perhaps second on my list of kitchen pet peeves (first being the negligent gap between cooktop and counter—a veritable vacuum for all manner of disgusting detritus) is the phenomena I’ll refer to as “stagnant pasta paste.” This catch-all concept applies to any quantity of laden air—whether with the starchy mass of semolina or greasy gobs of sautéed beef—that can find no way past the modest confines of 8 or 10 foot ceilings, and thus collects there, polluting the indoor environment with the ghosts of dinners past. The solution? One of those monstrous chrome contraptions that looks like a reject from a Transformers movie? Pshaw, I say. Bulthaup’s Wing Slat Air Extractor is primed to make those exhaust systems obsolete.

Wing Slat Air Extractor. Designed by Bulthaup.

Efficient Exhaust in High Style

Bulthaup is known as a manufacturer of “kitchen systems.” The company scrutinizes every aspect of the form and function of the modern kitchen in order to create a veritable ecosystem of high performance and aesthetic appeal. Within this paradigm, the Wing Slat Air Extractor occupies a very specific niche. The concept aims to integrate the healthful role of air exhaust with the equally healthful (and helpful) perk of focused lighting. In Bulthaup’s words, the Air Extractor is “a product that guarantees maximum illumination and air filtration when preparing food… a horizontal floating line of light in combination with an aerodynamic shape, equipped with an energy-efficient recirculation system.”

Bulthaup's Wily Wing-Slat Air Extractor
Bulthaup's Wily Wing-Slat Air Extractor
Bulthaup's Wily Wing-Slat Air Extractor

The piece has a slim, futuresque aesthetic that belies the look of other exhaust systems. In contrast to those bulky creatures, which are appended to the ceiling in a sort of flush mount configuration, Bulthaup’s extractor is suspended from a pair of elegant steel cables, giving it the look of a streamlined pendant lamp. And it is that, as well, for the bottom side houses a T5 fluorescent tube, which can operate in concert with or independent of the extraction function. In regards to the latter, the extractor works by automatically opening its wing slats to initiate a gentle pull of air (one can actually feel this invisible current) that sucks up cooking odors, purifies same, and releases fresh air via an integrated flue.

Bulthaup reminds us that the Air Extractor’s slim profile encourages creative placement. If, for instance, you habitually prepare food tableside, you might consider installing above the dining area. This suggestion is all in keeping with Bulthaup’s promotion of unorthodox arrangements for innovative functions: “The extractor can be positioned effortlessly over cooktops, dining tables and kitchen islands, responding perfectly to the needs of its users. People who like to prepare food, such as fondue, raclette or teppanyaki dishes, at the table, will find having the extractor positioned directly over the dining table a functional and attractive alternative.”

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