Biluna Lamp by Prandina

Prandina's Biluna light

reminds me of the one and only clock reviewed by 3rings. Back in the Spring of 2008, Alicita profiled O'Clock, a big, bold, and bright timepiece that shone as lurid and loquacious as the moon. That piece is noteworthy for its semi-circular shape, pervasive luminosity, and easy adaptability. Like O'Clock, Biluna can simply be set upon the floor and let loose to shine bright. Unlike the oversized time-keeper, however, Biluna also comes in a suspended incarnation.

Biluna Lamp. Designed by Prandina.

A Hypnotic Diffuser for Even Ambient Light

That last thought makes me want to re-write the A&D history books and/or persuade O'Clock designer Anthony Duffeleer to thread it with wire and hang it from on high. Failing that, however, I'll be more than pleased to indulge in Biluna's dangling disposition.

The Luc Ramael-designed lamp consists of a painted metallic exterior and a double dose of diffusion-the interior diffuser is polypropylene, while the lower shell diffuser is opal white thermoformed methacrylate. Shell colors include clear grey, sand, or black, while the color of the diffuser (and the light) remains that glowing and gorgeous shade of opal white.

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The name Biluna is a bit of a tip-off as to the piece's identity, as it suggests both the lamp's semi-circular structure and its resemblance to the moon. Like the moon, Ramael's Biluna seems to inhabit another sphere entirely. Whether you place it on the floor, on a table, or drape it overhead, it casts a ghostly yet comforting spell that will bestow the surrounding proceedings with enlightenment, both literal and figurative.

Biluna Lamp by Prandina

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