BARK CLOTH®: The Renewable Textile from Mutuba Trees

BARK CLOTH®. By Bark Cloth.

When we think of bark, we usually remember being a kid. Whether you peeled it off to feel its grainy texture between your fingers, carved your name in it while on the high of your sixteen-year old romance, or tried to build a tree fort with planks hammered into its surface, it was a surface you knew well. What have been unknown is its potential as a textile.

The Sustainable BARK CLOTH® Harvested in Uganda Serves All Material Purposes

That’s where BARK CLOTH® has completely connected the dots for us. Beginning in the eco-certified farms of Uganda, the cloth is cultivated from Mutuba trees (also known as Ficus natalensis). It is made from 100% plant fiber and each piece is made from the bark of just one tree, making them all unique from one another.

Bark Cloth from Mutuba Trees

Stick with its natural tone or opt to dye the cloth in a brilliant shade of your choice. Whatever your ideal vision for the BARK CLOTH® may be, the moldable material can be used in everything from clothing applications to textiles for the home. Besides its evident sustainable qualities as a renewable resource, the website writes that it “has been declared to be an intangible, cultural world heritage by UNESCO” due to the method of debarking and its ancient knowledge of the bark treatment known by masters of its art.

Although the average cloth measures 2 x 3 meters, custom sizes, thicknesses, and your choice of the natural natural tone are available upon request. In fact, the design potential of the BARK CLOTH® is virtually unlimited. It’s special variety that is called the BARK CLOTH®– Patchwork is handmade, but standardized to 1500 x 2800 mm, and has its own unique look. This specific type of cloth made from the Mutuba bark received an iF Design Award in 2005.

Bark Cloth® laminated board, dekodur.

Bark Cloth® laminated board W303 / LAC. Manufactured by dekodur.

Bark Cloth® laminated board, dekodur.

Bark Cloth® laminated board W306 / LAC. Manufactured by dekodur.

Add the sustainable BARK CLOTH® to your home or office to being make a statement about supporting sustainable farming projects while adding natural depth to your space with a fiber that is 100% organic.

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