Get Creative with ECO Supply’s Suberra Cork Countertops

You’ve definitely seen it as the formerly ubiquitous stopper of wine bottles; you’ve certainly encountered it as the lightweight and absorbent heart of drink coasters; and you may have come across it in building infrastructure as an acoustical dampener; but how about a whole countertop made of the stuff? I refer, of course, to the lightweight, highly compressible, and exceptionally elastic substance called cork, and ECO Supply is betting you’ll be taken with their Suberra cork countertops: “With the texture of suede, Suberra is sure to infuse any environment with a new tactile experience.”

Suberra cork countertop. Designed by ECO Supply.

A Countertop Surface That’s Recycled and Renewable

The advantages of cork? Let me count the ways: 1. cork is rapidly renewable–the bark is harvested from Quercus Suber (the cork oak) every nine years, during which interval the trees regenerate, making cork comparable to bamboo for sustainability; 2. cork is easily recycled and biodegradable—all those wayward stoppers can find a home in the unblemished expanse of your new countertops; 3. excellent anti-microbial properties and resistance to water and heat, translating into a cleaner, more durable kitchen surface; 4. an alluring new look—Suberra countertops are constructed entirely of post-industrial cork that’s been compressed with a polyurethane binder. The process allows subtle refinements that transform cork’s typical texture into an ultra-smooth expanse with a feel like fine suede.

Get Creative with ECO Supply's Suberra Cork Countertops

Get Creative with ECO Supply's Suberra Cork Countertops

Get Creative with ECO Supply's Suberra Cork Countertops

Cork’s characteristic blond color tones are part of the deal, but let that be an inspiration to your aesthetic flights of fancy. Whether you choose to pair Suberra with a complementary frame in pine; opt for some contrast with the dark tones of carbonized oak; or incorporate the vibrancy of high-gloss painted lacquer, you’ll be happy you took the proverbial cork out of the bottle.

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