Slimline 51010 Dishwasher by Gorenje

If you thought Gorenje was the surname of a leggy tennis pro I’ve got a surprise for you, and it involves your dirty kitchen, because it is, in fact, a high-profile manufacturer of appliances for kitchen and laundry—one of the highest-profile in truth. The company is making news of late for its fusion of high style and fabulous functionality. Witness their designer line featuring work by Karim Rashid and Ora-ito, among others. Notwithstanding the dash of panache these two bring to the line, a kitchen appliance is first and foremost about performance. In mind of that immutable truth, sample the wares proffered by Gorenje’s GV 51010 Slimline Dishwasher. This svelte little number will forever banish your doubts about the greenest way to wash.

Slimline 51010. Designed by Gorenje.

Small Appliance, Big Efficiency

51010 is geared towards small kitchens that yet have high demands. With an eye to quick clean-up of dinner parties, the model can handle up to eight place settings at an environmental load of only 13 liters of water. Compare those figures to hand-washing (40 to 80 liters), or conventional DWs (22 to 24). Neither is that the extent of 51010’s environmental appeal. The unit boasts a gradual temperature change function that protects dishes from a dramatic rise in heat (the same feature protects your face from the characteristic whoosh of steam come cycle’s end). Likewise, 51010’s automated functions promise tailored washings. Settings like “Sensitive,” “Glass,” “Intensive,” and “Eco” are sufficiently explained by their names—they treat your dishes right while using customized quantities of water, turbulence, and heat.

Other features include height-adjustable top basket, cycle termination signal (sound and light), residual drying using heat stored from the last hot rinse, “AquaStop” technology to prevent leaks, and a low 51 dBA noise level. This last perk is a special incentive if your current automatic dishwasher (like mine) sounds like a freight train under water. 51010’s reasonable price tag (around $600.00) makes it even easier to enter the brave new world of cleaning up the kitchen.

Via Appliancist.

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