Miele’s Futura ProfiLine Heralds a New Age in Dishwasher Efficiency

If I could clear the table and run the dishwasher in half the time of a typical wash cycle (about 45 minutes to an hour), then I could either entertain twice as many guests, or—and this is the better proposition from where I sit—I could get the same number of guests out the door in half the time! Whereof such speculation? Why, Miele‘s new Futura ProfiLine dishwasher of course.

Futura ProfiLine dishwasher. Manufactured by Miele.

Double Your Down Time with Miele’s ProfiLine Dishwasher

The above speculation may be one of those scenarios that defines us as either philanthropes or misanthropes, but regardless of where you fall on this particular philosophical continuum, there’s no denigrating the efficiency and performance of ProfiLine—the fastest dishwasher to all points East and West, near as I can tell, as it completes a full cycle in an unprecedented 23 minutes.

Futura ProfiLine Dishwasher. Manufactured by Miele.

According to Nadine Hanselmann, Marketing Manager for Miele, “The ProfiLine dishwasher provides powerful cleaning at incredible speed, similar to enjoying two dishwashers. Making this a truly one-of-a-kind tool for your home.” In addition to its ultra-rapid cleaning (and drying) ProfiLine offers other enviable qualities too: adjustable basket system for effective positioning of hard-to-clean or fragile items like wine glasses, serving platters, chargers, and terrines; 3D cutlery tray for complete cleaning of copious quantities of silverware and cooking utensils; “Perfect GlassCare technology” to avoid spotting and assure a crystal clear finish.

Futura ProfiLine Dishwasher. Manufactured by Miele.

Then there’s Miele’s “BrilliantLight” LED-powered drying, which works hand in hand with the patented AutoOpen System to achieve a rapid clean and blemish-free shine after every cycle: “Even the most challenging surfaces can be dried properly… the door releases as the chosen cycle concludes—allowing air to escape and circulate.”

Futura ProfiLine Dishwasher. Manufactured by Miele.

Consumers have a couple of options when it comes to displaying ProfiLine’s formidable wares. Miele offers it as a fully-integrated solution that effectively camouflages it underneath the countertop, or as a stand-alone set up, “showcased with a Clean Touch steel panel.”

About the Manufacturer: You don’t have to know German to understand the Miele company philosophy of “Immer Besser.” This mantra of perpetual improvement informs everything Miele does. Whether it’s creating the world’s foremost brand of whisper-quiet dishwashers and washing machines; devising a refrigerator that’s well-nigh indistinguishable from the rest of the wall; or concocting an oven that uses residual heat for double cooking times at half the energy cost.

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