Rise to the Occasion with Inflate’s Temporary Wall and Structure Designs

When we hear about “blowing something up” most of us shudder and feel thankful that our life and surroundings are still intact. Before you go there, let’s bring it back to the sweet days of arm floaties and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade characters. That’s more of the effect that Inflate is going for. Fifteen years ago they came up with the idea that inflatable, blown up structures create a sense of temporary architecture everyone can appreciate.

The Boxer. Designed by Inflate.

Temporary Walls and Spaces Come Inside with Lite by Inflate

Clicking through their user-friendly website, the categories Lite, Turtle, Domes and Cubes list numerous examples of their inventive spaces. To the non-event seeking crowd, Lite is the the most inviting for private use.

The Boxer is their latest addition to the Lite crew. Its quilted appearance, like an air mattress bed or feather bedspread, stands upright like walls joined and bent at 90-degree angles. Light and fluffy, this roofless cube breathes new life into your space.

Rise to the Occasion with Inflate's Temporary Wall and Structure Designs

Rise to the Occasion with Inflate's Temporary Wall and Structure Designs

Rise to the Occasion with Inflate's Temporary Wall and Structure Designs

Beyond that, the Lite line features six other ways to bring a new feel of architecture inside: The Legs 11 pod creates a tall, thin, dome-like shape perfect for a small fitting room. The Office in a Bag (or Oiab) is a larger version of the Legs 11 that curves in slightly at the top to enclose it, and can comfortably fit a desk, chair and storage. They say you can actually transport the Oiab as carry-on luggage, to give you an idea of the size. The Airwall is a freestanding inflatable wall system that can divide a room with a puffy cylindrical design that is similar to the Legs 11 and Oiab. Each of these three come in only white, and are to be used indoors only. Expanding the line, Luna has an igloo-esque look that comes in white or black and silver and can handle both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for offering a canopy for your garden party, the Airoof has a peaked roof and two walls on either side. Lastly, the Cube Wall finishes the collection with the same purpose as the Airwall – to offer a modular inflatable wall to your space – but resembles the Boxer with it’s quilted exterior.

Why choose a dramatic redesign instead of a non-invasive operation? The Lite line of blown-up structures by Inflate easily mellow out your home, office, and backyard without the fuss.

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