Got a High Coffee IQ? Get Lazerian’s Mensa Coffee Table to Match

Situated in Manchester, the technical practice of Lazerian focuses on the “creation of functional objects through playful investigation of materials and processes, and seeks to imbue objects with a bit of soul.” Well, Mr. Liam Hopkins, you’ve successfully thrown us for a loop. The intricately woven plywood skin that you created using your computer modeling skills are at the top of its class – perhaps that was your inspiration for calling this Mensa.

Mensa Coffee Table. Designed by Lazerian.

CNC cut to Plywood Perfection

The second in a series of Mensa tables, the Mensa coffee table uses birch plywood and stainless steel rods with wingnuts and hardened glass counters any knock-off attempt. Hopkins, who was born in Manchester, is a designer-maker who worked together with Richard Sweeney to push the limits of the material we might consider basic: plywood. Thanks to their practical, hands-on beginning with the wood, the two designers know the way plywood can move and work with other materials. Only after they understood the threshold of birch plywood did they decide to begin the detailed CNC cutting process based on the weight-supporting limitations.

As they put it on their website, “such projects, like the Mensa coffee table, illustrate the importance of hand-craft and material behaviors in the design process – the form of this piece relates directly to the physical limits of plywood, which was discovered through experiment, and continues throughout the progress of this project.”

Got a High Coffee IQ? Get Lazerian's Mensa Coffee Table to Match

Got a High Coffee IQ? Get Lazerian's Mensa Coffee Table to Match

Got a High Coffee IQ? Get Lazerian's Mensa Coffee Table to Match

Clearly ahead of many other designers in more than one way – they’ve even developed their brand’s own online shop – Lazerian makes it easy for designers and consumers alike to appreciate their work. “Primarily a process-driven design,” they say of the Mensa coffee table in particular, “it exhibits the architectural and structural qualities which inspire both designers.” The dimensions are a pleasant 1100mm diameter x 415mm height (43.3″ diameter x 16.3″ height).

Well, it’s done more than just inspire the UK designers to do more with plywood and CNC cutting, I’d say. To be honest, everyone who appreciates a good coffee is not going to want nothing but the best table to put beneath it.

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