Reestore Modern Recycled Airplane Desk

Recycled airplane furniture is a kitschy, curiosity provoking class of recycled furniture that produces a lot of noteworthy pieces. MotoArt’s Aeronautical Conference Tables take advantage of the structural integrity of the wing span to create large conference tables that reveal the inner workings of the airplane wing. Coverings Etc. is turning grounded airplanes into wall tiles that are both rugged and refined. The list goes on but the message is clear, old airplanes have uses outside of transportation.

Deborah. Designed by Reestore.

Reestore is a multi-faceted design company that take everyday waste objects and cheekily transforms them into charming yet functional pieces of furniture and accessories. Their goal is to create eco-furniture with nontraditional eco-materials, and subsequently effect a new language for green design. Managing Director Max McMurdo believes that environmental consideration need not compromise the aesthetics and desirability of Reestore’s products.

Reestore Modern Recycled Airplane Desk

From this belief set, Deborah was born. An aluminum airplane wing with stainless steel supports and a toughened glass top manifests itself into a streamline desk that has both character and function. The desk is clearly made from an airplane wing, but the design isn’t limited by the history of its materials. Deborah is modern and sheek. She would bring class and a hint of fun to the stuffiest of reception areas.

Reestore uses many unusual materials in their furniture pieces. Reclaimed trolleys (shopping carts), reject barrows (American translation anyone?), and bathtubs become seating and surfaces galore. “Obviously our eco antics go beyond the cheeky re-use, all our waste is recycled, suppliers vetted and we only boil enough water for one cuppa at a time. note: we sometimes don’t wear hemp.”

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