Lean Man Collection by &then design

Colorful and basic, the Lean Man Collection by &then design reminds me of Pick Up Stix and Tinkertoys. Handmade in Britain, this shelving collection is “simple, honest, and charming.” Designer Frank Flavell has made three variations on the theme: Leaning Man Side Table, Leaning Man Console, and Leaning Man Book Shelf—what we might abbreviate as little, wide, and tall. You might imagine yourself as Goldilocks in search of perfect storage: which size would you choose?

Lean Man Collection. Designed by &then design.

Quirky, Modern Shelving

The smallest of this trio, the Lean Man Side Table accommodates any of the following items: an old-fashioned rotary phone, a dozen paperbacks (depending on thickness of spine), a stack of DVDs, three troll dolls, or a pot of tea. If you’re in need of more space, opt for the Console, which looks a little like a wide open mouth—ready to accept a mini-library of books, an array of party snacks, or assorted envelopes and stamps. For the voracious reader, pick the Lean Man Book Shelf, a giraffe-necked number with four compartments—and the empty space below allows for oversized books.

Lean Man Collection by &then design

Lean Man Collection by &then design

To further complicate matters, besides the three size configurations, the Lean Man Collection gives you lots of color options: orange, cyan, magenta, yellow, lime green, and black. None for the faint of heart. I like the Side Table in magenta—just a splash; the Console in Orange—more intense; and the Book Shelf in black—so that titles will stand out. &then design is a British firm begun by Samuel Wright and Jamie Bowler, furniture design graduates from Nottingham Trent. The duo “share a passion for creating beautifully inimitable furniture.”

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