High-Power Washing in Surprising Places: Baumatic’s 4SS Compact Dishwasher

After recent reviews of Baumatic’s Blast Chiller and FxF 60:40 Split Refrigerator, the manufacturer of efficient and cost-effective kitchen appliances has forced me to pose the following conjecture: Shall we go for the trifecta? Though in some ways I’m loathe to—since it might signal the end of this string of consecutive reviews—the high functionality and slim, space-saving aesthetic of the Ombra Collection Dishwasher fairly demands it. Ombra 4SS is a 46 cm compact dishwasher whose most striking feature is its locale, for this diminutive powerhouse prefers the vantage from on high, rather than down at ground level with the other plebian appliances.

Ombra4SS. Designed by Baumatic.

Clean Dishes from Wall Level

The 4SS’ smaller dimensions allow quick cleaning of up to six place settings without requiring the user to stoop or bend—certainly a boon for our ergonomically challenged populace. The dishwasher is one standout among the several products in Baumatic’s Ombra line. This collection, designed by architect Alberto Solari, also includes a multi-function oven, a chimney hood, and an induction hob, each designed with Solari’s minimalist’s eye for an unobtrusive and uniform appearance. The aesthetic is clean and contemporary: stainless steel and glass give all four appliances the look of a flat panel TV, allowing them to blend into varied environments. The emphasis on an exterior outline (where the dark glass meets the steel) highlights the interior empty space of the appliances, thus creating a visual reminder of the primary function.

High-Power Washing in Surprising Places: Baumatic's 4SS Compact Dishwasher

In regards to 4SS, this function not only involves spot-clean dishes and flatware, but A-rated washing, drying, and safety; self-cleaning function; low noise operation; low water consumption; and energy-efficient operation with five programs and four different temperatures. All of these definitely have high appeal, but none of them trump the higher appeal of the 4SS’ wall-high placement, which, coupled with its easy-push, handle-free opening gives this dishwasher an extremely low-profile—as if it were just one more kitchen drawer.

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