Factory Friday: The Mod Sofa by Steve Lukes

Sofas are like cars: the more we learn how fun and easy sitting can be, the more the standard couch design seems to improve. Okay, that’s pushing it. And definitely not helping the great “get active” campaigns for healthier lifestyles. But after your next run or bike ride, there would be nothing better than relaxing on a sofa so large and extended that it puts your feet up for you.

Mod Sofa. Designed by Steve Lukes.

An nontraditional Leather Daybed

This week on Style Factory the Mod Sofa mades its debut. Created by the son of an architect, San Diego-based designer Steve Lukes created this sofa using a traditional olive leather. Thankfully, that’s the only part of this piece that could be seen somewhere else (which is great if you’re decking out an entire space). It is clear that the influence of architecture from his youth was present when he thought up the design.

A careful manipulation of sharp, angular lines form the comfortable backrest and modular central armrest that can be shifted around depending on your comfort level (literally and figuratively speaking). Below every buttery leather top, there is a solid base. Lukes chose to use a muted maple for his base, and completed the structure with built-in shelves on either side. Altogether, the Mod Sofa is the perfect fusion of comfort, high class, and originality.

Factory Friday: The Mod Sofa by Steve Lukes

Lukes was trained at the Art Institure of California at Orange County. Distinguishing himself from other, more stereotypical So Cal designers, Lukes designed ultra modern, futuristic furniture for cats as well as engineered office goods that push his limits. It is safe to say he was ready to crank his furniture up a notch (in size) when he created the super deep, Mod Sofa that resembles a funky day bed that is a substantial 71”W x 38”D x 27”H in size.

If you’re into purposeful relaxation, vote for the ingenious Mod Sofa by Steve Lukes on the MyFactory page today!

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