Design Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I am first of all thankful for the most obviously thematic design-Branko, the chandelier made of gleaming knives. I dream of one day being able to cut into a glistening turkey underneath my very own Branko Chandelier. Part of Ipe Cavalli's Visionnaire Collection, Branko maintains the classic shape of a concentric circle and the standard glow of a sparkling chandelier-but it achieves this by using a subversive material.

Another chandelier I'm thankful for brings to mind champagne-perhaps not the typical accompaniment to a turkey dinner, but nonetheless delicious. The Caviar Collection by Laura Kirar for Arteriors collects clear orbs in a delightful cluster, then adds a dash of the unexpected: the chandelier's globes contain nickel cones inside through which light gets dispersed. This sprinkling of metal gives the coruscating lamp a little edge.

Branko Chandelier, a decadent silver chandelier by  Ipe Cavalli: Visionnaire Collection.

Branko Chandelier. Ipe Cavalli: Visionnaire Collection.

Caviar Collection Suspended Lighting designed by Laura Kirar for Arteriors.

Caviar Collection. Designed by Laura Kirar for Arteriors.

Edgy Chandeliers and One-of-a-Kind Bookshelves

After I gorge myself on tasty turkey and potent potables, I will certainly be ready for a good read. Hence, I continue my tour of gratitude with some of my favorite bookshelves. The colorful L'Arco Della Pace bookcase piles together compartments of rainbow hues in a bend that rivals the St. Louis Gateway Arch. The creation of Martino Gamper for Nilufar, L'Arco Della Pace gives you a built-in classification system-you can use each module for a different category. Actually, many designers are creating bookshelves that come with intuitive organizational systems. After my tryptophan-induced lethargy, I may pull a novel from Kim Ji-Hye's Need Not Arrange Anymore, a circular, wall-mounted bookshelf with an inset dial, which can separate books or mark your current spot.

Design Thanksgiving

L’Arco della Pace.

Need Not Arrange Anymore, innovative round bookshelf by Kim Ji-hye

Need Not Arrange Anymore. Designed by Kim Ji-hye.

Certainly, my appreciativeness will end in bed, once my eyes become too tired to read effectively, and the letters start unraveling into nonsensical, dream-state symbology. When I give into Morpheus, let me do so in Cristian Zuzunaga's limited edition bed for Hästens-reputed to be the world's most comfortable and sustainable bed (it's constructed of wool, linen, horsehair, cotton, and solid Swedish pine).

Limited Edition  Hästens Pixelated Bed by Cristian Zuzunaga

Limited Edition Pixelated Bed. Designed by Cristian Zuzunaga for Hästens.

On my ideal Thanksgiving Day, I shall do three of my favorite things-eat, drink, and sleep in luxury-gormandizing beneath the Branko Chandelier, choosing a classic novel from L'Arco Della Pace Bookcase, and slumbering on Zuzunaga's cubist cityscape bed.

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