Bentley Prince Street’s New Addition: Razor Hill

By utilizing yarn remnants from previous Easy Street Collection product runs the world has been introduced to the latest sustainable carpet line by Bentley Prince Street. It’s as versatile in color and class as its predecessors of the same family and yet the beautiful space dyed colors added to the neutral shades already present in this new Razor Hill line offer completely new textures to the market.

Razor Hill. Designed by Bentley Prince Street.

Invest in Sustainable Carpet with the Razor Hill by Bentley Prince Street

The President of Bentley Prince Street, Anthony Minite, spoke to the Easy Street Collection’s latest additions in a recent press release, saying “The addition of Razor Hill adds more versatility and value to the Easy Street Collection. From Central Avenue’s smooth cut pile to Razor Hill’s textural tweed, the collection is perfect for our customers who demand function, convenience and beautiful product combinations.”

Bentley Prince Street's new Addition: Razor Hill

Besides using the yarn that was leftover from previous product runs, Razor Hill is also said to contain a 15% of more of recycled content yarn. By including this number with their backing, you’re looking at an 18% post-consumer recycled content piece of carpeting, by its total weight. Although in other, specific interior design items this percentage may not seem huge, it is rare these days to see a product like carpeting see a post-consumer recycling number this high in its production. It has been made possible in part to their partnership with Aquafil Yarn Systems, a zero waste company, but also to the company’s dedication to achieving its Mission Zero® promise.

In addition to the sustainable factors, the 12 color options are an exciting new offering for their clients who have long appreciated the Bentley Prince Street’s focus on new designs that boundaries. According to Valerie Ottaviano, the VP of Design, “Razor Hill’s color line is named for and inspired by L.A.’s food truck phenomenon,” she states. “Colorful food trucks serving up gourmet food with a side of creativity now fill the streets of L.A., just as Razor Hills’ colors and texture fill any space with movement and brightness.”

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