Chantal Thomass’ Bath Collection for THG Paris

Here's one post in which A&D mainstays like "clean-lined," "contemporary," and "geometric" have absolutely no place whatsoever. And while I like hard edges and gleaming stainless as much as the next guy, it's refreshing to come across a collection that's all about curves-all about the sensuousness of subtle undulation, the old school glamour of high ornament. To whom do we owe this debt of gratitude? Why French lingerie designer Chantall Thomass of course-her recent Poemes Bath Collection for THG is "ultra feminine." Possessed of such textural crossovers like the plushed recesses of Capitonn© and the scalloped contours of heavy quilting, the overall aesthetic emerges from her immersion in the sexiest segment of clothing design, as well as her lovely white porcelain faucet handles bound with beautiful belts of silver ribbon.

Poemes Bath Collection. Desigend by Chantal Thomass for THG Paris.

One might fairly claim that the entire series derives from this ostensibly smallish feature: it sets the tone for a cascade of choices that resonate with the theme of feminine sculpturality. This begins with the gleaming faucets that subtly arch toward the basin like a swan done over in chrome; continues through the expansive twin two-tone ceramic basins; meanders over to the classic and classically spacious pedestal tub; takes a detour at the heavily quilted wall panel that frames the room entire; and lands softly at the broad plush bench between the sinks that provides more than adequate repose.

Chantal Thomass' Bath Collection for THG Paris

Chantal Thomass' Bath Collection for THG Paris

Chantal Thomass' Bath Collection for THG Paris

The collection also features various accessories for showing off a well-matched repertoire of bath accoutrements, each embossed with the golden flourish of Thomass' ornate script-words to live by, the designer might claim: "Glamour, Lovely, Chic and Beautiful."

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