ID’s Best of Year Nominee: The Buzziskin 3D Tile

Recently nominated for Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Awards (BoY) as an Eco Product are the Buzziskin 3D Tiles. Not unlike their parent company by the name of Buzzispace, this brand new 3D tile infuses vibrant colors into a self-adhering, upcycled PET-waste product that brightens up an office space.

Buzziskin 3D Tile. Designed by Buzzispace.

Although the BoY finalists are scheduled to come out after November 10, 2010, the winners will be announced on December 2, 2010 at a celebration in the IAC Building in NYC. Anxiously awaiting the results, Buzziskin 3D Tiles will continue onward, changing the dynamic within work spaces everywhere. Born into a young Belgian design company, the eco-friendly tiles brighten up dead color schemes, tiny cubicles, and sterile break rooms and pushes your office area into a new playing field breeding an all new sense of creativity and vigor.

Use the sound-absorbing power of felt to add warmth and texture to the surrounding metal closets and desks, partitions or uniform walls. As mentioned, the tiles contain self-adhesive backing that sticks to every metal, wooden or glass wall and you can get creative by combining shapes and colors for a sensational effect.

ID’s Best of Year Nominee: The Buzziskin 3D Tile

ID’s Best of Year Nominee: The Buzziskin 3D Tile

Besides the Buzziskin 3D, you can add other products into the design of your office space that not only match aesthetically, but are also produced using recycled and recyclable materials. For instance, the Buzzizone (free standing wall), the Buzzicube 3D or Buzzispot 3D (cube and stool seating), and even the flat-surfaced Buzziskin can accompany the quilted look of the 3D tile.

Go for colors like hot pink, green, orange or red to bring in some dramatic depth, or do nothing more than a texture change while sticking to a safer shade like gray, brown or black. Whatever solid or mixed color combination you prefer, be the first to invest in a BoY product to stay on top of your game.

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