Architex Summer Textiles

Architex Summer Textiles

A new go-to for upholstery options available soon: Architex Summer Textiles.

Architex Summer Textiles Reel Leather Detailed swatches

Pearlescent is an ultra-durable silicone hybrid fabric with an affordable price point and an elegant look. Its shimmery, shiny aspect evokes that precious stone hidden within the most exotic of bivalve mollusks.

Architex Summer Textiles Pearlescent swatches with pearls and oyster shell

Left Bank evokes the famed Salón culture of Paris.

Architex Summer Textiles Left Bank swatches with coffee, danish, and book

Five patterns, 47 colorways, and a variety of tactile constructions provide the same diversity of aesthetic and opinion as a good literary discourse. And don’t let the soft texture fool you. Left Bank is contract-durable and bleach-cleanable.

Architex Summer Textiles Left Bank swatches

Lastly, Reel Leather is an animal-free polyurethane textile with an upholstery backing. Microperforated for breathability, Reel Leather offers superior comfort and an authentic look and feel.

Architex Summer Textiles Reel Leather swatches

For further details and info. on availability, see Architex. And go to Designer Pages Media for more summer textiles.

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