Factory Friday: Meisner Sofa by Kenneth Nilson

Living in the present is not always easy. We often plan our lives in the future – pushing the strengths we’ve gained from the past to wayside – but aren’t exactly sure how to get where we’re going. Why not lean on a sofa that looks a little retro – like a piece from a Jackson Pollock art studio – in order to find your footing?

Meisner Sofa. Designed by Kenneth Nilson.

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Presented at StyleFactory this week, the Meisner Sofa by Kenneth Nilson is an industrial three-seater sofa that comes with taut-upholstered wool cushions in a neutral olive shade. Upon further examination, the minimalistic features of the sofa take on . Trusting his Minot, North Dakota roots that experienced numbing winters and gusting prairie winds, you’ll notice his use of steel in the frame. It’s tone has a reddish hue and is corroded for a rustic effect and comes in a long, 90″ width, has a seat height of 17″ within its 27″ height, and is 32″ deep.

Factory Friday: Meisner Sofa by Kenneth Nilson

Unlike some of the StyleFactory designers who are breaking into the scene, Nilson’s no novice to industrial design. He’s got fresh ideas flowing, but also has a proven track record in the business. In fact, prior to the Meisner, his work has been commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution, Paul Smith, and Banana Republic, among others.

Anyone who says furniture should to be modern has not yet experienced the high class, retro style of a handcrafted Meisner Sofa in all of its soft, wooly pleasure. Bring it into your living space by casting your vote for it on the MyFactory page today!

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