Factory Friday: Aiden Coffee Table by Catina Unlimited Design

Research says that facial symmetry may act as a marker of phenotypic and genetic quality, and that it is preferred during the mate selection in a variety of species. Funny then that symmetry in fashion and design is considered rather dull, while asymmetry in this field lends itself to beauty and intrigue.

Aiden Coffee Table. Designed by Catina Unlimited Design

Whether or not the Catina Unlimited Design team out in Greensboro, NC considered the argument of symmetry vs. asymmetry when creating the Aiden Coffee Table that is this week's StyleFactory product remains to be seen. What we know for sure is that if you like it's look, you can support it with a vote for it to go into production this week!

The table reminds me of a horizontal totem pole since it contains everything from an open base for shelving to industrial slats and a reflective, stainless surface. Not one part matches the next. It is completely asymmetrical, and I almost feel like thanking them for allowing it to transition between purpose and different materials since this makes the Aiden Coffee Table all the more interesting.

Factory Friday: Aiden Coffee Table by Catina Unlimited Design

Factory Friday: Aiden Coffee Table by Catina Unlimited Design

Factory Friday: Aiden Coffee Table by Catina Unlimited Design

Catina Unlimited Design started up in 1995 out in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their dynamic trio consists of Catina Roscoe and her two colleagues, Shane and CJ. Together, the three - along with their engineering and 3D modeling skills - have founded themselves in detailed, classy pieces that attract clients looking for a long-lasting piece of furniture that is anything but dull. Besides their obvious knack for designing coffee tables with prolific purposes, they've got a resume full of custom home and office furnishings and accessory designs.

The Aiden Coffee Table comes in the standard 52"W x 20"D x 13"H size, and is constructed using either walnut or cherry wood, each with sturdy steel feet.

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Posted October 22, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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