RVW Launches with the Mollis Easy Chair

During the London Design Festival this coming month, a new Swedish brand is planning their attack. Based in Malmö, Sweden, founders Johannes Herbertsson and Jonas Nordgren of RVW have been working on their inaugural collection since last year in preparation for their huge Tramshed exhibition from the 22 to 26 September in east London.

Mollis Easy Chair. Designed by RVW.

One of their stand out pieces is the Mollis Easy Chair by Artur and Jonas. With their high quality Scandinavian approach to furniture making, the duo – whose company named is an abbreviated word for “review” since they take a second look at the objects we are surrounded by – use manufacturers in both Denmark and Sweden to help bring their designs to life. In a recent article on Dezeen, RVW says about their vision, “We place great importance in maintaining the integrity of the slow art form of furniture design and in achieving a better understanding of the use of space, material and form. Our main focus is to produce tangible furniture without a time stamp, thus generating products that will last for decades to come.”

RVW Launches with the Mollis Easy Chair
RVW Launches with the Mollis Easy Chair

Situated low to the ground, the double cross steel leg frame comes powder-coated or with a brushed finish, while the wooden seat itself is a shapely molded veneer that comes either stained or with a transparent lacquer finish. On top of the already attractive base design catering to your taste, add the upholstered leather or fabric seat pad to allow for an even more enjoyable seated rest to break up the day.

Along with the Mollis Easy Chair, RVW is also debuting Flight, a series of sofas and tables atop ash frames, and Alog, a series of modular shelving using a unique diamond grid. Their furniture line can fly solo in a residence as a one-of-a-kind piece from a new company, with a small group in an office or restaurant, or even as a contract piece for larger projects.

It measures 890 mm (35″) W x 860 mm (33.9″) H x 700 (27.6″) mm D and comes with a standard, low seat height of 390 (15.4″) mm.

The show in London is brought to you by De La Espada's founding director Luis de Oliveira, and will bring to life companies similar to RVW in their niche market for fashionable, well-made furnishings.

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