KOS’ Shower Cabins Invite Bliss in the Bath

Italian bathroom manufacturer KOS would seem to enjoy the idea of a universal narrative for the bathroom experience. How else to explain the opening image on their homepage-looking out from a rain spattered windshield onto a vast expanse of river, over-layed text reading, "An original point of view. A story about Design, Water, Life, and People"-or the succeeding montage, which would seem to imply the bath-style of a happy threesome, or, at the least, an extremely close family. Speculation of lifestyle choice aside, KOS is known the world over for their sublimely inviting tubs, basins, mini pools, and showers, and especially so for the A&D coup of the "Shower Cabin."

Shower Cabin. Designed by KOS.

The term certainly implies accommodations above and beyond your basic stall, and so does it deliver. With no less than nine models, these sleek, spacious, and versatile units take you to the abyss of bathing bliss and beyond. In this new millennium, rain shower spray and precision temperature control are de rigueur, so KOS' shower cabins supersede these standards with sliding/movable showerheads; revolving jets for both vertical and back hydromassage; optional idrocolore technology for an in-shower light display; and-somehow especially apropos-a "Turkish Bath" feature that dispenses various essences to therapeutically alter mood.

KOS' Shower Cabins Invite Bliss in the Bath

KOS' Shower Cabins Invite Bliss in the Bath

No matter what mood alteration you're after, it's a safe bet that you'll find one of Kos' nine shower cabins more than suitable to your needs. My favorites include the irresistibly illuminated kosmic z1, the nifty prestidigitation and suggestive transparency of floor, and the high geometricity and playful lines of avec moi. This last model is spacious for one, pushing it for two, and positively out of the question for three, so if you've in mind something along the lines of the ostensible KOS threesome, best to go for the substantially larger avec toi.

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