Inbani Explores the Perfection of the Arc

Inbani Explores the Perfection of the Arc

We all could use some balance these days, not to mention a good, hot bath. Just so, Inbani’s Arc Collection is an exploration of symmetry, with an elegant collection of circular and oval tubs.

Inbani Arc Collection spacious bathroom with partial view of circular arc tub

Neoclassical art and architecture is based on the notion that the arc of a circle is a shape that pacifies and pleases—the idea and the form are artfully captured in the collection’s harmonious silhouettes.

Inbani Arc Collection oval arc tub in dark grey

The Circular Arc is stunning and spacious—a luxurious tub that easily accommodates two for a truly relaxing respite.

Inbani Arc Collection circular arc in gray

The Oval Arc offers a more traditional shape. It’s long enough for bathers to stretch out comfortably and deep enough for a fully immersive soak.

Inbani Arc Collection oval arc dark gray with table

Options for Ark include Solidsurface, Cementsolid, and UHS Colour finishes. The Cementsolid finish offers the further choice of five unique colors: Arena Grey, Natural Grey, Deep Grey, Mediterranean, and Terracotta.

Inbani Arc Collection wide view bathroom with circular arc tub and vanity

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