2x Aluminum Mirror by Assembly

2x Aluminum Mirror by Assembly

Launching later this year, the 2x Aluminum Mirror by New York-based design studio Assembly has an intriguing reflection that’s created using two distinct finishing techniques.

2 x Aluminum Mirror by Assembly_4

The closer the subject is to Assembly’s 2x Aluminum Mirror, the clearer the reflection is.

Crafted from a single sheet of 1/4" Aluminum, the mirror is made using a combination of highly skilled hand finishing processes and advanced machining techniques.

2 x Aluminum Mirror by Assembly_3

The result is a sculptural reflection that gets clearer the closer the subject is to the mirror.

2 x Aluminum Mirror by Assembly_2

The 2 x Aluminum Mirror is part of a broader collection by Assembly that’s scheduled to debut later this year in May. The pieces will each explore the extremes, subtleties, and possible outcomes in common materials.

2 x Aluminum Mirror by Assembly_1

2 x Aluminum Mirror by Assembly_6

For more information visit assemblydesign.us

About the designers: Founded in 2012 by Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly, Assembly is a New York-based design studio that produces high quality products and interiors with a forward-thinking aesthetic. From furniture and objects, to interior and site-specific installations, Assembly's approach to design is interdisciplinary in spirit and process. 

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