Barlas Baylar’s Spooky Flower Power Chandelier

Long-time readers might remember Barlas Baylar of Hudson Furniture, Inc. as the purveyor and stylist behind a gorgeous Medieval-Millennial piece in solid Claro Walnut called the Hudson Signature Bed; more recent devotees will recall Baylar as the author of the nautical/fantastical bouquet of nickel chain called the Atlantis Chandelier; and if this happens to be the first time you're visiting, you'll be sure to keep him in your heart hence as the creator of the exuberant bit of gothic whimsy called Flower Power.

Flower Power. Designed by Barlas Baylar.

The piece is an intricately-wrought chandelier with one foot in nature and the other in an Anne Rice novel-or, if you prefer, a Tim Burton film. Flower Power seems to be playing with the notion of a natural growth habit, but instead of using as its model the manicured hedges of a British estate, or the bounteous bouquets of a tulip farm in Holland, it appears to have been patterned after the blackest midnight thicket from Burton's Sleepy Hollow, or the inscrutably tangled tendrils of the famed head of Medusa.

Barlas Baylar's Spooky Flower Power Chandelier
Barlas Baylar's Spooky Flower Power Chandelier

Flower Power casts a devilish pall to be sure. The piece comes in various incarnations: iron and blown icicles in gloss nickel, powder coated in white or black; stainless steel with a black powder coat; and a hanging halogen model in gloss nickel that edges away from the Gothic and dabbles in a slightly more joyful brand of Rococo. But don't be fooled into thinking that this last implies anything but the dark side. Whichever of Baylar's Flower Power Chandeliers might be your particular cup of hemlock, full enjoyment will require a taste for the macabre, an affection for the wicked.

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