The Col-letto Bed by Nuša Jelenec for Lago

Google the Slovenian designer Nuša Jelenec and you'll hit hundreds of references to the turtleneck-inspired Col-letto bed she designed for Lago. After recently winning the Elle Decor International Design award, there is no lack of images and write ups, but apparently, the former Academy of Fine Arts and Design student in Ljubljana, Slovenia has left no trace for those of us scratching for more about the creator of such a moving piece (no pun intended).

Col-letto Bed. Designed by Nuša Jelenec for Lago.

Lago, on the other hand, is a fantastic, modern Italian furniture company that focuses on quality, colorful designs, accessible pricing and "subtraction rather than decoration for its own sake". The two-toned Col-letto bed seems to follow suit with its contour edge bursting with options to suit your mood: flip a side or two over, fold it all down, keep it straight up, or get creative and turn it into a sleigh that welcomes passersby to enjoy it. Using the velcro pieces along the sides, the modular, soft foam frame maintains the bent or straight position that you desire all night long (absolutely no pun intended).

The Col-letto Bed by Nuša Jelenec for Lago

The Col-letto Bed by Nuša Jelenec for Lago

Alongside the Col-letto bed you can even get the unzipped nightstands that complement the playful appearance of the quilted bed casing. The bedside tables, also by Lago, contain an inner shelf that gives you the chance to hide your precious bedside items while keeping them easily accessible.

In 2006, Lago became a publicly listed company. Today, its 150 employees work with upcoming design students to develop their skills and keep the company's overall design eye current. They are even starting a revised distribution strategy by opening new shops and working with major showrooms through Europe, that will hopefully include more pieces similar to the elusive bed frame (and designer)!

Posted August 30, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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