Double Your Pleasure with Twin Bathtub by Thun and Rodriguez

It took a clever design duo to create Twin Bath, a two-person wooden bathtub modeled after the traditional Japanese Ofurò soaking tubs. Designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez paired themselves together in the service of romantic splendor. Their Twin Bath for Rapsel doubles the pleasure of taking a relaxing dip by providing not one, but two, tubs-so you can enjoy the palliative effects of water with a friend. The sexy lines and sinuous oval of this bathtub recall the shape of Thun's Muse 80 sink, while the material harkens back to Thun and Rodriguez's previous collection for Rapsel, entitled One.

Twin Bathtub. Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

Double Your Pleasure with Twin Bathtub by Thun and RodriguezDouble Your Pleasure with Twin Bathtub by Thun and Rodriguez

Like traditional, singular wooden tubs such as Maax's Viaggi and E-Legno's Wooden Bathtub, Twin Bath retains the organic appeal of bathing within the soft contours of wood. The sight and smell presented by the natural material transform an everyday bath into a spa-like experience.

A high-sided tub "for quiet contemplation and a nice floaty soak," Twin Bath offers a lovely scent and highlights the lines of the larch wood's grain. But it also elevates the grandeur of the wooden bathtub to a new level. By making the bathtub accommodate two people-who each remains in a private aquatic wonderland-Twin Bath does what no soaking tub has done before. Now there is no need to test your romantic compatibility or love by squeezing into one tub. Two people can enjoy their own soothing fount while still maintaining close ties (close enough).

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