Color Between the Lines with Cementoresina by Kerakoll Design

There’s a new composite material on the market called Cementoresina® by Kerakoll Design that was recently spun into the major MAXXI museum by Zaha Hadid in Rome. The natural museum of XXI century arts was a major undertaking, at a grand size of 29,000 mq of surface area. But upon further inspection of the company and product, their homegrown Tuscan roots have primarily earned their excellent reputation serving residential, commercial, and public projects alike through their constant research for more sustainable, reliable products.

Cementoresina. Designed by Kerakoll Design.

This non-porous, joint-free material uses cement, marble and natural pigments with pure resins to create 2 mm wall and 3 mm floor surfaces. Cementoresina is entirely free of solvents and other harmful volatile substances. Similarly, it is produced following strict energy consumption and environmental impact guidelines set throughout Europe.

Due to Kerakoll Design’s Art Director, Piero Lissoni, the line comes in a vast assortment of colors, divided into five collections: Warm, Cool, Whites, Nature, and Mixmatch. Don’t be fooled, there are actually 45 colors total, and each can come in five different textures: Flat, Wave, Glass, Cretes, and Velvet. For any desired effect or shade that is not already in their line-up, they offer to help personalize the perfect color and texture for your project.

Color Between the Lines with Cementoresina by Kerakoll Design

Color Between the Lines with Cementoresina by Kerakoll Design

In late 2009, Gian Luca Sghedoni, Kerakoll’s CEO, has recently set up three logistics offices in India. "For our sector, India represents a market with enormous potential,” he says. “The structures we have opened recently ensure us a widespread presence within the territory, so as to guarantee delivery times and technical services. The next step is to open a manufacturing plant within a couple of years".

Sghedoni and his company believe it’s important to stay one step ahead of the market in product development, logistics, and production. Currently, the Kerakoll Group consists of three branches – Kerakoll, Biocalce, and Kerakoll Design -and is a world leader in building products and services with 15 operating companies, 10 manufacturing plants, and an impressive 900,000+ tons of finished products.

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