Prismatic Polyedra by Franke

I don't like cooking. It's because I'm picky-extremely picky. For example, I won't handle raw meat of any kind, though anything with bones in particular makes my skin crawl, especially chicken wings. And I don't like washing dishes either, because I hate having to touch abandoned food-food that other people have touched (or even pushed around with a fork). I also detest buffets and cafeterias, which seem especially unsanitary.

Prismatic Polyedra. Designed by Franke.

It's no surprise then that I do not like to deal with the underbelly of the kitchen sink. I hate having to open those cabinets that front the sink-I don't like seeing the pipes or the ugly underside of the sink itself.

But have no fear! There is a solution for people like me in the form of Polyedra, a 3D sink with a beautiful, exposed bottom. Manufactured by Swiss kitchen company Franke, the Polyedra Sink is a square vessel sink whose "guts" are "composed of triangular facets that are deployed on the underside." The construction of the sink remains transparent-nothing lurking beneath. Instead, Franke offers a faceted, geometrical base that's meant to be visible-it's revolutionary thinking in the kitchen world, where everyone keeps sinks hidden, showing off only the pretty concave shape.

Prismatic Polyedra by Franke

Polyedra celebrates what we normally shun-and that makes for good, thought-provoking design. Franke, Polyedra's creator, is a leader in "intelligent systems for domestic kitchens." They aim to "enable enterprise" and provide "a rewarding experience for all concerned"-and I, for one, love Polyedra. Its obvious, intent composition of planes makes me forget all about the seedy side of kitchen appliances, the underbelly of domesticity.

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