Letter Bench by the U.K.’s Boex Brothers

Letter Bench

is a creative new project out of Cornwall, UK–a statement in outdoor seating that’s meant to put potential patients at ease. The postcard-inspired wooden bench comes with its very own postage stamp in the proper corner, creased into a bend that replicates a folded piece of mail. Constructed of hardwood, Letter Bench is supported on a stainless steel frame, even though the piece creates somewhat of an optical illusion: from the front, it looks like the bench is held up by nothing but air. Installed at a hospital in Bristol, Letter Bench presents a hand-written letter from a patient who previously stayed at the hospital. Due to the differences in British and American English, the actual text reads like something A) completely mundane or B) utterly fantastic.

Letter Bench. Designed by Boex Brothers.

Letter Bench by the U.K.’s Boex BrothersLetter Bench by the U.K.’s Boex BrothersLetter Bench by the U.K.’s Boex Brothers

Given my penchant for the weird, I obviously prefer the latter interpretation, in which I imagine the note hails from some sanatorium patient who’s suffering from a delicious delusion–an individual who has imagined a world where everyone has good intentions. From the patient file: “I would like you to know what a wonderful job all the members of the staff on the ward are doing. They were kind, polite and caring. No job was too much for them to make my stay on the ward as comfortable as possible.” Read it however it pleases you, but I imagine Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon or Rant©s in Man Facing Southeast. The Letter Bench is the handiwork of Boex/3D Solutions, a design duo headed by twin brothers Sam and Will Boex. While it is a fitting design for hospitals, I like to envision the Letter Bench as a performance piece installed as a satirical statement, perhaps outside post offices, college dormitories, and Amtrak stations–everywhere you might find the despairing, depressed, and disenfranchised.

Via Chairblog.

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