In the Game of Monopod, Jasper Morrison Wins

Opting for wedge heels at a summer gathering is as vital as the flow of mint juleps and lawn bowling enthusiasts. Back supports, pillows, wedge heels – there’s just something about a rounded, triangular shape that cushions the many curves of the human body. Although I doubt Jasper Morrison considered women’s shoes while designing the Monopod chair, it’s heavy wedge shape is equally as ergonomic and flattering.

Monopod. Designed by Jasper Morrison.

A limited edition piece manufactured by Vitra in Switzerland, the core of the structure is made from precision-milled blocks of recycled wine-bottle corks that was designed in 2008. It’s form is functionally simple – like a brand new doorstop on it’s side – but absolutely handsome with the leather upholstery cut perfectly for it’s plastic and core interior.

The Monopod chair is said to work as a great companion to larger furnishings such as armchairs and sofas, but can also be a great addition to lounge and reception areas of any commercial space.

In the Game of Monopod, Jasper Morrison Wins

In the Game of Monopod, Jasper Morrison Wins

Jasper Morrison has two offices in Europe – one in London and one in Paris. They have produced a wide range of products for major manufacturers including: Olivetti, Alessi, Alias, Cappellini, FLOS, FSB, MAGIS, Rosenthal, Rowenta, SCP, etc. Morrison tends to focus on products, but has been known to do urban design projects as well. For the most part, he and his incredible team come up with tableware and kitchen items, furniture, lighting, sanitaryware, electronics, and appliances.

Retaining its smooth, precise edges forever, the Monopod chair just won the vote for the ultimate fusion of luxury and simplicity.

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