Catch the Cersaie Bug: Urquiola’s Table Collection for Mutina

Stand in front of Patricia Urquiola during one of her press interviews and you’ll have trouble just scribbling notes or snapping photos behind your lens. In fact, her down-to-earth, natural attitude makes you want to ask her to lunch instead of question her design motives. Following each lecture, there is a silence instead of questions that may have to do with her being extremely thorough – a quality not lost in her words alone, but apparent in everything she dreams up.

The Bugs Family. Designed by Patricia Urquiola.

The Bugs Family

is a limited edition of four tables that contain familiar hexagonal shapes from the D©chirer Collection of ceramic tiles by Mutina. Much like Goldilock and the Three Bears, each table’s name coordinates with a size.

Catch the Cersaie Bug: Urquiola’s Table Collection for Mutina

Catch the Cersaie Bug: Urquiola’s Table Collection for Mutina

The largest table in The Bug Family goes by Big Bug and can fit approximately 6 to 9 people. With three massive ceramic tiles making up the surface, this 70 cm high table is offered in four colors/combinations: ecru, dark gray, black, and multicolor.

Each significantly smaller in girth and height, the other three tables – Lady Bug, Long Bug, and Baby Bug – are the size of a living room table at 40 cm tall. Not leaving them without an addition to make up for their short table complex, the three tables come in white ceramic besides the four top choices listed previously. All of the tables in the collection come with a structure choice between a painted iron dark gray finish or corten effect.

Speaking to their new collection that will be launched at Cersaie this year, adding two or more Bugs to a space creates a modular effect that Mutina says, “enables plays, couplings and abstract compositions which combine to create unusual and organic shapes.”

Like Urquiola herself, each member of The Bugs Family omits an approachable energy from its natural, ceramic tile tabletop that invites you to sit back and realize that you’re actually enjoying lunch with an Urquiola afterall.

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