Sleek and Green Furniture by Arktura

As I search the design world for sustainably minded products and materials, it becomes ever clearer that there are many many approaches to designing a greener future. The trends we see most regularly use recycled wood and repurposed post-consumer products, which are often beautifully designed works of art, but typically have a certain common aesthetic. In order for sustainability to stick as a movement and not only a fad, it has to be looked at from a variety of angles to produce an even wider variety of products.

Flow Bench. Designed by Arktura.

Arktura, an LA-based design and manufacturing company comprised of internationally trained architects, is creating a collection of furniture pieces that are far from the typical reworked wood aesthetic. Arktura focuses on pushing the limits of new manufacturing processes to produce pieces that are sculptural, colorful and playful. The company purchases green power credits to offset energy costs associated with the manufacturing process, uses zero-VOC paints and finishes on all pieces; and uses locally-sourced materials with a high percentage of recycled content which can be fully recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Vortex Table by Arktura

Vortex Coffee Table. Designed by Arktura.

Tag Table by Arktura

Tag Coffee Table. Designed by Arktura.

The Tag coffee table initially caught my attention but Arktura has an encyclopedia of creative works to choose from. The Tag has a simple, basket-like metal base which supports a top composed of either recycled rubber or recycled cork. While The Tag is reminiscent of other eco-friendly designs, The Flow bench is a red futuristic sculpture formed from state of the art eco-composite materials. Finally The Vortex: made possible by using proprietary, robotic technology to shape strands is carbon fiber which support a glass top. I want to trust this piece is as green as possible because visually, its really cool.

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