Prismasolar by Bendheim Glass

A big part of sustainable design is controlling solar heat gain that enters a building through glass. During the day the sun’s rays can drastically increase the temperature in a glass enclosed space, which not only tortures the inhabitants, but also puts a strain on the mechanical systems intended to cool the space. Limiting glass is one way to solve this problem, but for everyone who spends their days in the office, we know how important natural light (and hopefully a view) are.

Prismasolar. Designed by Bendheim Glass.

On the market today are many types of treated or textured glass that can resolve the issue of solar heat gain. Bendheim is a well known glass company that makes many attractive options for limiting solar heat gain. Prismasolar achieves this goal through a three dimensional deep v-cut on its surface. The pattern is precisely chiseled to prismatically bend light and vision. The Prismasolar surface works like built in louvers which can redirect the light and unwanted heat when installed horizontally in exterior facades.

Prismasolar by Bendheim Glass

As the sun changes position seasonally, it works with the angle of the v-cuts to let in warming winter light and block out harsh summer light. In the summer the sun has a steeper angle which is caught by Prismasolar and reflected back outwards. In winter months when the angle of the sun is flattened, the Prismasolar prismatic structure permits solar radiation to pass through the glazing and into the building where it can warm the space and limit heating costs. It is a high tech solution in terms of design and manufacturer, but operates in a simple way which exemplifies traditional sustainable design.

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