At #NeoCon10: Jumbo Enlightens Your Workplace

Light Corporation

is “enlightening your workplace”–and not just with its task lamps, but also with its philosophy. The Michigan-based company wants to “help to create an environment where workers feel comfortable and motivated, an environment that’s warm and inviting, and a place where work gets done safely and efficiently.” To help you work better and work happier, Light Corporation offers Jumbo, a personal task lamp that uses an ingenious radiant mirror film reflector to intensify the 13-watt lamp (which increases the illumination to “nearly as bright as an 18 watt lamp”).

Jumbo. Designed by Light Corporation.

But the best part is how the function meets the form in Jumbo: you can see the film reflector through the shade’s openings. Turn on Jumbo, and you get both focused task lighting and a rainbow-colored artistic display peeping at you through the slots. A nice little surprise indeed to brighten your day at work.

At #NeoCon10: Jumbo Enlightens Your Workplace

Jumbo has a silver body, a black cord, and either a black or white head and base. If you’re looking for convenience, this task light has got it in its various mounting options. Choose from freestanding, clamp, magnet, panel, and their own invention, Railite. If you desire the “ultimate versatile adjustability,” Railite lets you slide Jumbo along a rail: so you can move “Rainbow Bright” (not to be confused with Rainbow Brite) wherever your heart desires, getting that work light shining on whatever project you’re currently engaged in. Interested in seeing Jumbo person? Want to get a close look at the peek-a-boo rainbow colors of the film reflector? Then visit Light Corporation‘s exciting new booth on the 7th floor, #7-1094.

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