Energized: Contract Trend

Energized: Contract Trend

The ultimate in convenience, charge your smart phone or tablet device just by setting it down on the surface of these electromagnetically charged items of office furniture.

DuPontâ„¢ Corian® and The Power Matters Alliance

DuPontâ„¢ Corian® has worked in collaboration with the Power Matters Alliance to embed wireless charging technology into its synthetic granite countertops. Gadgets can be charged by simply placing them on the surface.

Cloud Table by Studio Maks

The poplar wood surface of Dutch designer Studio Maks’ Cloud Table is embedded with wireless phone charging pads and WiFi signal enhancers. Users can get online while re-charging their phones and tablets by simply placing them on the table’s surface.

Current Table by Marjan van Aubel

The Current table by Marjan van Aubel gathers and harvests energy from daylight to charge appliances. The table's glass surface contains a Dye Sensitised Solar Cell that, based on photosynthesis, uses the properties of color to create an electrical current. Unlike classic solar cells, these colored cells don't need direct sunlight and are able to function under diffused light.

Wireless charging task lighting by Aircharge

This Z-shaped LED task lamp by UK-based brand Aircharge features an inductive charge base. Compatible Smartphones can be wirelessly charged on the desk top while non-compatible phones can be simply placed within an inductive sleeve or case to receive charge.

Cegano Smart Table by C+P Furniture

Intended for use in business lounges, the Cegano Smart Table by C+P Furniture integrates wireless charging technology from Qi Standard. Embedded into the table’s surface (available in glass, Corian®/HiMacs, HPL, Wood Veneer), the touch pads are able to accommodate up to 4 HDMI inputs and can be used with displays or a projector via different sources.

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