At #NeoCon10: Vox Monogram Modular System by Nienkämper

As human beings, we have come a long way with our constant need to be better than we are. It usually works too, advancing from from caves and spears to pulleys and wheels, etc. Naturally, although we still have this desire to improve ourselves and our surroundings, it can often feel as though the new inventions nowadays are ways to make our society lazier.

Vox Monogram. Designed by Nienkämper.

Thankfully, Nienkämper has resisted the temptation to make their furniture capable of one-stop shopping or drive-thru indulgence. With the highly developed, aesthetically-playful flower petal design of the Vox Monogram, the only thing you’ll want to create is more time in the day to spend in the library or public space that offers a perfect combination of modern, clean lines and innovation.

For maximum flexibility, designer Mark Müller created the kiosk design to fit like a glove in any space. In fact, the units work jointly with Vox Core Towers that can carry the power sources for up to five stations at a time. Since there is no limitation to the amount of units you can choose, every installation is expandable and can be moved around to accommodate for groups or open areas. Each unit comes with six, rounded sides and is approximately 40 5/8″ x 30 3/4″. The height of the units are set to match the ideal size for the people who will use them.

At #NeoCon10: Vox Monogram Modular System by Nienkämper

Although the base of the units are both the Monogram and Core Tower are painted in silver, the tops vary. The Monogram desktop can be laminated with self edging or high-impact plastic edging or done in wood veneer with solid wood edging. Meanwhile, the Core Tower top can be painted or done in the same wood veneer.

Based in Toronto, Ontario since 1968, the simple idea of a functional, beautiful desk system drives home the Nienkämper design philosophy, stating simply “our design philosophy insists that clients’ needs are distilled to their essence; energy is conserved; and unnecessary waste is eliminated.” That said, there is no doubt that the Nienkämper factory takes trends in office-inspired furnishings with a grain of salt, relying instead on timeless pieces and quality that will last.

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