DC Collection Shows Off Wetstyle’s Craftsmanship

Just in time for ICFF, Canadian company Wetstyle is paying tribute to its Continental roots with an ad campaign that features father and son craftsmen hand-finishing a BE Tub. The familial duo of Ernest and Steven Trahan illustrate Wetstyle’s archaic construction philosophy: “Reminiscent of European workshops, WETSTYLE products are custom-made to order within a three to four week lead-time–an unheard of standard in today's world.”

DC Collection. Designed by Wetstyle.

Known for their streamlined bathtubs (see Cube), Wetstyle sticks to what it does best: pure, glowing white. And the most gleaming of their whites is the True High GlossTM finish, which requires “five steps of sequential sanding and polishing.” Like a looking glass, the surface reflects and refracts.

DC Collection Shows Off Wetstyle's Craftsmanship

DC Collection Shows Off Wetstyle's Craftsmanship

Wetstyle is now focusing on smaller spaces, adding compact versions to the M (M for Manhattan?) and DC Collections. So you can get that resplendent white shine in any spot. Still no room for one of Wetstyle’s tubs? Then opt for the DC Series of low-threshold shower receptors that come ready to install–no need to construct a floor slope. The smallest of the DC shower receptors measures 36 x 36 inches, an agreeable, albeit modest, cube. If you’ve got more square footage than that, use DC as a companion to one of Wetstyle’s soaking bathtubs, or simply indulge in the grandest of the “shower environments”–a 60 x 41 inch affair. Big or small, the DC Collection is all made of WETMARâ„¢, a natural stone composite material that boasts a non-slip, antimicrobial, easy-clean surface. I always like a company that considers the would-be scrubbers of the world–and it sounds like someone at Wetstyle has got a little of my own OCD, since they make special mention of the material’s “few crevices for dirt to hide.” The result will be that you’ll long admire the gleaming white surface that the artisans at Wetstyle created especially for you.

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