A Concrete Idea for your Kitchen by Steininger Designs

Concrete is word we use to describe extraordinary ideas, business plans, and relentless athletes, besides its obvious usage in flooring and construction. Although the material itself is one we are aware of, its potential is often misunderstood.

Concrete Kitchen. Designed by Steininger Designs.

When Martin Steininger developed the Concrete Kitchen for his Vienna-based company, Steininger Designs, he wanted to share another way that concrete can be used – other than its evident form in sidewalk squares, building foundations, and bridges – so he shared with us his innovative concrete kitchen space. But even with this brand new use of the durable material, many can only associate concrete with cement. A firsthand experience with a Steininger kitchen however will show this hygienic, heat resistant material with cryptonite-inspired strength in a brand new light.

A Concrete Idea for your Kitchen by Steininger Designs

A Concrete Idea for your Kitchen by Steininger Designs

At just 8mm thick, the non-traditional kitchen design is a highly functional kitchen unit that is happy to be left unvarnished while being naturally safe for food preparation.

Since it is a relatively new material used indoors, interior designers would offer a few recommended pairings to warm up or smooth down the appearance. First, to achieve a warm, inviting effect, couple the concrete island with wood to play with the dichotomy of the built vs. natural environments we surround ourselves in. The second suggestion involves stainless steel – whether it be a stainless steel countertop or sink, the result is a smooth, calming top that is easy to manage and works a super chill vibe into your food and gathering area for a modern, urban aesthetic.

Although you may never be able to fry an egg on the concrete in your house when the summer hits outside, the look and feel of a concrete kitchen will make you that much cooler.

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