Established & Sons and Venini Transform Glass

Collaboration can be the key to innovation. The marriage of vision and material have yielded a new collection: “Established & Sons have combined their focus in producing innovative contemporary design with the mastery of Venini's glass manufacturing for their ongoing partnership.” Two pieces in the group of lighting particularly stand out, although all the objects deserve attention. Lighthouse by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec attempts to recreate the ball of molten glass balancing on the glassblowing pipe:

Audrey Light. Designed by Established &.

“Bouroullec's idea was to light up a voluminous round glass structure that would be supported by a delicate aluminum stick.” The resulting Lighthouse has a marble base that holds up a glass shade via only one point of contact. It’s an exercise in balance, seemingly defying the nature of gravity itself.

Established & Sons and Venini Transform Glass

Audrey Vase. Designed by Established &.

Established & Sons and Venini Transform Glass

Column. Designed by Established &.

Another captivating piece is Audrey Light by Michael Eden Audrey, which uses its silhouette to bring to life one of perceptual psychology’s most famous iconic images: the picture of two vases / two faces in profile–“Renato Giuseppe Bertelli's ultra modern interpretation of portraiture with the sculpture Continuous Profile - Head of Mussolini, 1933.” The faces are created by the white space surrounding the hand-blown glass lamp that hangs from steel cables. Aubrey Light has its own doppleganger as well: the Aubrey Vase. The vase “uses the contrast between the inside and outside components to juxatapose strong and subtle colours.” Side views of heads come to life for viewers “inside the outer boundary of the vase.” Other pieces in the Established & Sons / Venini partnership include Blow, designed by Konstantin Grcic, and Column and Globe, designed by Sebastian Wrong.

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