Video Interview at the AD Home Design Show: Natuzzi

Who knew that Madonna purchased 12 Natuzzi Sound Armchairs? Although we were aware of the armchair’s popularity, the details of Madonna’s ownership were unbeknownst to us until our interview with Alex Alley, Director of Retail North and Latin America for Natuzzi, at the AD Home Design Show last week. It shouldn’t be too surprising since the luxury chair incorporates music and luxury living into a single, excessively comfortable chair.

Sound Armchair. Manufactured by Natuzzi.

Alex Alley took the time to share some insight on the Natuzzi brand, some of their recent products including the new Natuzzi Surround Sectional and, of course, the original Sound Armchair – along with a bit of celebrity gossip for the sake of intrigue. Unfortunately, we have no idea who is in possession of these chairs post-divorce (Guy Ritchie or Madonna), but watch the video for more details.

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